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Measurable Outcomes

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Working on interface

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about me

On a personal note, as a veteran (and a military brat), I have lived around the world, learning the cultures and languages of people whose experiences are not readily known to most. This means I’ve had quite the adventurous life. I’ve played in the jungles of Panama, trekked ice-bergs in the Patagonia, jumped out of helicopters AND airplanes, climbed the Italian Alps, eaten sushi in Tokyo, sang lead in a rock band, visited four ancient pyramid sites, and have even become an expert in farming and homesteading.

Professionally, I’ve researched and analyzed human behavior as part of a successful, lifelong career, shaping psychology, art, and science into delightful experiences. That’s where my passion lies—in the advocacy of the user experience discipline and in delivering quality, viable, human-centered solutions that grow and scale with the business.

From design to strategy, mobile to web, high-visibility to standalone internal apps, and everything in-between—I’ve often heard that my passion is “infectious.” However, I don’t just sit back, leading and mentoring teams. As a hand’s on professional, I feel comfortable rolling up my sleeves and diving into the trenches. Whether I am expected to lead or contribute individually within a team, I always look for ways to think outside of the designer’s box, finding new and innovative ways to help brands achieve success.

This is my telos—to build experiences that improve our human stories.