Working on interface


Surprise, delight, & exceed voice of customer expectations

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Measurable Outcomes

Best practices that measure & optimize experience outcomes

Working on interface

Scalable Execution

Processes & solutions that grow & scale with the business

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design excellence

Growing & empowering the design team of today & tomorrow

skills that embody
a lifetime of passion and focus

Lily has researched and analyzed human behavior as part of a‭ lifelong devotion to‭ shaping psychology‭, ‬art‭, ‬and science into technological experiences‮ ‬that build and strengthen our human stories‭—a passion that has often been described as “infectious‭.”

No. projects designed as individual contributor
design initiatives with voc/vou across entire stack
ave. nps score increase within 3-4 months*
0 %
ave. increase in design team production*
0 %
ave. increase in design team quality output*
0 %
goals completed on time / budget*
design teams successfully integrated into lean / agile
largest staff count (flat with 10 directs)
companies requiring global ux leadership

skills that deliver people-friendly products

Delivering proven solutions for a myriad of real-world problems.

modular components

Using a modular approach to developing a cohesive, scalable, and streamlined experience for users that is easy-to-learn, and feels quick and responsive to user inputs

internationalization / localization

Enable quick and efficient delivery to the widest possible worldwide audience by translating and adapting products into various country or regional languages

accessibility / inclusive design

Create powerful designs that are exciting, engaging, and accessible to all users despite any permanent or temporary limitations

Responsive design

Provide users with an optimal viewing experience—ease of reading and navigation with a minimum amount of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices

Product Design metrics & diagnostics

Create powerful tools for evaluating the performance of our products in the real world, including data points that measure, compare, and track performance over time

increase product design maturity

Drive offering experience outcomes (XO) by ensuring the use of real-world, data-driven design (pleasurability, usability, reliability, and functionality )